Trusted Manufacturing For Tight Tolerances And Tough Materials


  • Superior Accuracy
  • True positions closer than 0.0004in (0.01mm).
  • Tight flatness, parallelism, and perpendicularity tolerances.
  • Superior surface finishes (32rms or better on most parts).


cnc milling
  • We provide 3 and 4 axis milling on high accuracy machining centers.
  • Most of our machining centers include probe units for fast setup and superior accuracy.
  • Our largest machines are 40in x 84in x 32in, and most of our machines are equipped with a 2000lb crane.
  • We also offer milling of hardened parts up to 70 Rockwell C harness.
  • Villa Machine now has vacuum workholding capability and can hold thin parts up to 29.0 inch square. Vacuum workholding is great for thin, and flimsy parts where parallelism is of great concern.

Right Angle Milling

right angle milling
  • We now have right angle milling capability with a 266 mm overhang length.
  • The subspindle has a quick change HSK coupling for easier setup changeover.
  • Our right angle attachements are used when doing tall parts that have end features especially with very tight perpendicularity.

Turning Top

cnc turning
  • Our turning centers are very accurate and we produce parts out of almost any material within 0.0002 inch all day long.
  • We even have live drilling so edge holes are not a problem.
  • We also offer turning of hardened parts up to 70 Rockwell C hardness.

Wire EDMTop

wire edm
  • With our wire EDM we can produce parts with tolerances as tight as 0.0001 inch.
  • Very small quantities of oddly shaped parts can be produced on a wire EDM without special fixturing.
  • Wire EDM can produce very small features on hardened parts with little more effort than any other material.

Surface GrindingTop

surface grinding
  • Our surface grinders are extremely accurate within less than 0.0001in.
  • We can grind parts flat within less than 0.0002 inch and finishes better than 16rms.


tig welding
  • We provide high precision TIG welding services.
  • TIG welding is the choice of most professionals and provides a clean, strong, low distortion weld.
  • We can, and have machined weldments over 30 inches tall within 0.0008in or less flatness, parallelism, and perpendicularity.

Abrasive WaterjetTop

abrasive water jet
  • We have the capability to waterjet parts over 3in thick and tolerances as close as 0.005 inch.
  • With abrasive waterjet we can cut materials such as hardened steel and stone.
  • Waterjet is faster than many other non-linear cutting processes, does not leave a heat affected zone like flame, plasma, or laser cutting, and imparts little, or no stress into the material.


assembly services
  • We offer precision assembly services including dowel pins, bushings, bearings, screws, adhesives, and more.

Sheet Metal FabricationTop

sheet metal fabircation
  • We have bending capability, and can bend most materials less than 0.25 inch thick.

Vacuum Chuck WorkholdingTop

vacuum chuck picture
  • We have the capability to hold large workpieces up to 30 inch X 30 inch with vacuum chuck workholding.
  • Vacuum workholding allows us to hold tight parallelism tolerances on very thin pieces.
  • The larger the surface area the better a candidate for vacuum workholding.

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